In the Field with Chicago Specialty Gardens

Chicago, Illinois

With panoramic views of downtown to the outer edges of the city, this terrace in the heart of Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood is the perfect urban retreat.

Photography by Bruce Van Inwegen

Urban Bonfire Hollander Design Outdoor Kitchen

Located over 20 stories above street level, the space is very quiet. Chicago Specialty Gardens, who designed and installed this project, explain, “there’s the occasional wail of a siren, or a jet overhead, but largely the sounds of the city drift away to become a distant murmur. It’s serene.”

The Urban Bonfire Sierra 42 kitchen is the focal point of the terrace, surrounded by a generously sized dining table, an intimate seating area, and planters filled with flowers and evergreens.

The homeowners paired our Anthracite Nacraē™ anti-microbial powder coating finish with our stainless steel handles and a Wolf 42” grill for a modern and understated look.

The Sierra 42, from the Urban Bonfire Classics Collection, was the ideal layout for this perched urban setting. Its perfectly symmetrical layout centered around a 42" grill allows for ample counter space for preparing and serving.

The two Utility Cabinets on either side of the grill house the modular Universal Track System that adds smart functionality to this curated space. With it, the addition of drawers, shelves and a pull-out refuse and recycling system is easy and adaptable, allowing the homeowners to make the most of their outdoor space.

This space sets the perfect scene for creating outdoor memories with friends and family.

“The views are spectacular. These terraces lend themselves best to morning coffee or wine at sunset, and the walls take on a burnished glow as evening descends.”

– Chicago Specialty Gardens

Featured in this project

Urban Bonfire Anthracite

Anthracite powder coating finish

Urban Bonfire Stainless Steel Handle

Stainless steel handles

Wolf grill

Designed and installed in collaboration with

Chicago Specialty Gardens

Chicago Specialty Gardens

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