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Atelier is a French word describing an artist’s studio or workshop. It can also describe a group of artists, designers or architects working collectively. An atelier is a space of creativity, learning, and connection.

Urban Bonfire Atelier brings together industry-leading design professionals and brands in a casual and intimate setting to discuss what outdoor space activation means to them. It allows our team to share our expertise, but also to learn from the individuals who are in the field and using our products and services first hand.

Embracing Outdoor Living in Chicago

This summer, over 30 industry-leading design professionals from across North America joined us for an immersive two-day program in Chicago centered around celebrating outdoor living and entertaining spaces. 

“Being with peers from all over North America, learning from them and hearing their stories; it’s been inspiring, to say the least.”

Matt Herbert, Sherwood Outdoor Kitchens in Vancouver, BC

A Live-Fire Dining Experience with Kalamazoo's Chief Designer and Grillmaster Russ Faulk

“Seeing the partnership between Cosentino, Kalamazoo and Urban Bonfire, and how everyone works together to make incredible products integrate seamlessly, being outdoors and talking about the things we are passionate about has truly been a wonderful experience.”

Crystal Watson, EXO: Design + Build for Outdoor Living, Nashville TN

Networking over a Spanish-Inspired Brunch at Cosentino's City Center

“The personal stories I heard about each product and company blew my mind. I have so much to take away from the city and the learning experiences of the past two days. I can’t wait to get back to San Francisco and share with my team.”

Lena Baranova, Nicole Hollis in San Francisco, CA

Exploring Chicago's Architecture by Water

“If I had to describe this experience in a few words, it would be cohesive, collaborative, warm, conversational and lastly, very educational.”

John McCulley, McCulley Design in Solana Beach, CA

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