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Mulmur, Ontario

Urban Bonfire Outdoor Kitchen

This modern farmhouse style outdoor pavilion is the ultimate outdoor living and entertaining space. Designer Lisa Aiken of Terra Firma Design worked with the homeowners to renovate the property both inside and out. “The outdoor space was completely reconfigured with a wrap-around porch connecting all the various areas within the farmhouse,” she explains. The porch opens onto an expansive outdoor pavilion, with a large pool and lounging area, a full chef’s kitchen and a spacious dining and living area with a stone fireplace.

Urban Bonfire Outdoor Kitchen

The homeowners are “a magnificent chef and a hostess,” so a fully functional outdoor kitchen was at the top of their wish list for the project. Lisa designed it to be completely independent of the indoor kitchen with designated areas for cooking, preparation, cleaning and serving allowing them to entertain outdoors freely. 

Urban Bonfire Outdoor Kitchen

The pizza station features a Fontana wood-fired pizza oven with two open shelving cabinets beneath it, providing plenty of room for storing oak, maple, hickory and apple wood. “Can you even imagine how good that pizza is going to taste?” adds Lisa. The pizza oven is surrounded by ample counter space for ingredients, preparation and serving.

The center island includes a fridge, dishwasher, sink, generous storage space, and a garbage and recycling insert on the right. It holds up to six stools and a standing area allowing guests to comfortably gather around and watch the chef cook. As Lisa puts it, “everyone loves to be in the kitchen, inside or out!”

Across from the pizza oven is a 36” Wolf grill with custom venting. The cabinets around the grill feature our heavy-duty drawers and adjustable height shelves for easy storage of cutlery, plates and serveware. “Well thought-out pieces come together to create a fabulous outdoor space,” remarks Lisa.

Urban Bonfire Outdoor Kitchen

Our Onyx powder coating finish adds a contemporary touch, complementing the home’s comfortable and relaxed modern farmhouse style. Lisa added a lot of black touches for a sophisticated and neutral look. “It is stunning with the kitchen cabinets, contrasting with the lush greenery.”

Lisa partnered with Andrew Smith Contracting, BonaVista and Urban Bonfire’s in-house design team to create this beautiful space for the homeowners.

"I provide ​the project's ​dimensions and needs, the gorgeous color, the handles, and the inserts​ I want​, and they take care of the rest. What could be ​better? I haven’t looked back since! (...) The entire process from start to finish was made easy for me as a designer and easy for Andrew’s team to install."

An interesting fact about this project is that Lisa worked with the homeowners from a distance. They had not been on site or seen the project as it progressed, so the client “went crazy when he saw it,” shares Lisa. His wife, on the other hand, said it was “a dream come true.” Lisa concludes “now that’s what I call success. We are so lucky to have clients who trust us that much. This is why it is so important to work with partners that will guarantee a perfect result.”

Featured in this project

Urban Bonfire Onyx

Onyx finish

Urban Bonfire Stainless Steel Handle

Stainless Steel handles

Wolf Grill

Wolf grill

Fontana Forni Pizza Oven

Fontana Forni pizza oven

Terra Luce Lighting

Lighting by Terra Luce

Caledon Timberframes

Caledon Timberframes


Black granite and stainless steel countertop

Designed and installed in collaboration with



Urban Bonfire Stainless Steel Handle

Andrew Smith Contracting

Photography by Rob Holowka, Birdhouse Media

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