The Fall Harvest

Autumn provides so much to be thankful for: the changing colours of the fall foliage, an amazing bounty of locally grown produce, and most importantly, cozy evenings enjoyed in the company of friends and family.

Our Best Selling Grill Just Got Better

Our best selling grill just got better. SABER’s patented infrared cooking system offers superior grilling performance and efficiency in any weather conditions. For a limited time only*, with purchase of any SABER grill, Urban Bonfire is offering a package to enhance your grilling experience completely free of charge.

Create Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

Bring your outdoor space to life with a custom Urban Bonfire Kitchen. Our exclusive Outdoor Kitchens are designed to add functionality and beauty to your outdoor living and entertaining space.

Bringing the Bonfire to Monkland

Smoking up the Street: Once again, Urban Bonfire will be sharing our love of grilling and BBQ at the Monkland Street Festival, August 20-23, where we will be featuring our amazing collection of Bonfire Kitchen sauces, spices, rubs and glazes.

Celebrate Mom!

Urban Bonfire’s mission is rooted in celebrating outdoor gathering spaces. We believe there is no better way to reinforce the bonds of a family than by preparing and sharing a meal with one another, and the more you involve a child in the process of cooking, the more they will learned to love and respect

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